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Stories for Development offers a unique perspective on evidenced-based solutions to human development. Inspired by the real stories of real people, we work at the intersection of stories and  research. 


We are all about evidenced-based policy development. We are committed to sound data management, data collection, and monitoring and evaluation culminating into effective report writing. We work to translate socio-economic data and evidence into sound policy advice on some of the most urgent public policy issues facing developing countries and marginalized people.


Our objective is to inform public policy debate through independent, evidenced-based, research highlighting the real stories of real people.


Stories for Development is an international development think tank. We want to open up the field of international development to the people for whom it matters the most. Overcoming barriers to their development requires their participation in the dialogue as well as empathetic understanding, creative solutions, and disciplined actions by the numerous well-intentioned international partners.


Stories for Development wants to contribute to this ambitious objective by elevating real stories of real people through their life journey.


We believe that everyone’s story is important! 

  •  Stories of young women preparing for adulthood in a global world.

  •  Stories of young men needing a second chance at getting an education.

  •  Stories of mothers raising their children in a world full of promise.

  •  Stories of skilled workers navigating the 21st century workplace.

  •  Stories of Indigenous people losing their traditional lands.


Collectively, our stories tell us about the reality of our oneness. They shed light on our interconnected future, and on ways to influence real lives and to make our communities better. Here are some real stories of real people through their life journey.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

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