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We design and deliver workshops and training sessions. Our focus is on improving individual and institutional capacity to conduct sound research, develop effective policies, and put in place monitoring and evaluation systems and processes. We can also provide coaching and leadership sessions to meet personal career objectives. 


Let us know your training needs and we will put together the right training package to meet those needs.  Contact us to request more information.

"Learn as if you were to live forever." - Ghandi

We offer the following learning opportunities: 

  • Research, policy development, and monitoring and evaluation: We can design workshops and learning sessions on techniques and steps used to conduct rigorous research, evidence-based policy development, and sound monitoring and evaluation processes.

  • Report writing:  Report writing is an art not a science. We can help junior and senior analysts finesse the art of producing reports that have a clear purpose, are well-structured, meet the needs of the intended audience, and are evidence-based.

  • Effective briefing notes: Analysts are often called on to brief senior management on their work. A well-crafted briefing note is typically the tool of choice. There is an art to preparing briefing notes to ensure that managers take away the information needed to help them make informed decisions.

  • Professional coaching: Navigating the world of work in the 21st century can be full of unknowns. We can provide you with the tools to highlight your strengths and the confidence to convince potential employers of those strengths.

  • Staffing: Finding the right person for the right job takes time. We can design the assessment tools, conduct interviews and reference checks to ensure that your staffing needs are conducted efficiently and effectively so you can focus on other priorities.

Prior Workshops

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