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"None of us is as smart as all of us." - Ken Blanchard

When we started Stories for Development we knew that it could not be just another think tank of privileged researchers proclaiming to have all the answers. We wanted to find a unique way to use our experience working in development for improving life's chances. We knew that we would have to give real people an opportunity to tell their stories.

Stories for Development does just that. We believe in the power of individual stories and in our collective strengths. That is why we fully support the collective work of the international development community as reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals,


As the world moves into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we reject the notion that only a few advanced countries should benefit from this new era. We see renewed opportunities to level the playing field. We believe that developing countries around the world can leap forward and make real contributions to the advancement of their people. Our aim is to equip institutions of importance as well as individuals with the information they need to help make the leap.


Our Network

We are a network of progressive thinkers, researchers, and practitioners who come from Canada, the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Europe, and beyond with public sector, private sector, NGO, and philanthropic experience.


We are economists, sociologists, engineers, data specialists, business strategists, gender specialists, and communication experts. We work at the cross-section of these disciplines in multi-cultural and in multi-linguistic environments. 

Through our work, we have been moved by the stories of real people challenged by sometimes unimaginable barriers. Yet, despite the challenges, many have remained resilient. 

Meet the members and contributors to our research network. 

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