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The Paget Farm Government School has a population of 175 students consisting of kindergarten to grade 6. The school is located in a closely knit fishing village in the south of Bequia, the second largest island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

Stories for Development is working with the community on an early childhood development project that will help the youngest members of the community develop lifelong skills and prepare for school life. It is also helping the principal and teachers access the resources they need ​for the classroom. 

The Paget Farm students have a keen interest in football. Stories for Development is helping the boys team access new uniforms and soccer balls. Special thanks to the High Park FC in Toronto Canada, and the Cumberland United Soccer Club and Gloucester Hornets Soccer Club in Ottawa, Canada for their generous donations. 

Bequia map.jpg

"Education is our passport to the future...." - Malcolm X

Some of the students and teachers of the Paget Farm Government School

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