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Yo Momma!

Yo Momma so stupid…, Yo Mamma so fat…, Yo Mamma so this, Yo Momma so that, Kids on the playground talking smack, Comedians say it on stage thinking it fun, All scoring laughs on someone’s mom.

Forgetting most mammas are heros and queens, Caring for families and neighbours, Some since they were teens.

Nurturing young children and parents together Working the fields in all kinds of weather.

Taking night courses after baking all day, Making miracles with very little pay.

Having no voice because they are women While forced to submit to much lesser men.

Mommas are able to send rockets to space Then bring them home safely again, And other mamas, daughters and sisters Use medical science to heal illness and pain.

Yo Mamma, You feed us, transport us, house us and clothe us, Inspire us, heal us, teach, love and reform us.

Yo Mamma, We honour and bless you Love and respect you As we owe you our lives, our health and societies Though the struggle continues, thanks for our liberties.

Now what?

Yo Momma is, Your Honour!

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