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Thievin' Legacy!

Gimme mi ‘dis

Gimme mi ‘dat

Gimme back mi every’ting yuh got.

Gimme mi philosophy yuh carry to Greece

Tief homo ‘n Socrates.

Gimme mi historical masta piece.

Gimme back mi name

Gimme back mi calendar

Gimme mi books yuh tief from Alexzandra.

Gimme mi Queen like Cleopatra.

Mi na wuh ‘ear ‘bout Queen Victoria.

Gimme mi language I know so well.

Yuh mix up English confusin’ nuh hell.

Gimme back me math yuh Pythargus.

Gimme mi symbols ya tief from us.

Gimme mi ‘dis

Gimme mi ‘dat

Gimme back mi every’ting yuh got.

Gimme mi diamonds,

Gimme mi gold.

Gimme back mi Rock ’n Roll.

Gimme mi uranium

Gimme mi coal

Gimme mi Reggae

Gimme mi Blues

Gimme mi music dat yuh confuse.

No spiritual concept originated here

So who I praise, you shouldn’t care.

Ya seh steal not, ya tief mi land.

Sex not, yah rape mi mudda

Keep da sabbath, wi work seven days a week.

Ya build a nation from de sweat of mi back.

Now yuh wah come gimme crack.

Gimme mi herbs meck mi meck some tea.

Gimme back all mi fruit tree.

Gimme da remedy ’dat meck blind see.

Gimme every’ting ’dat yuh teck from me.

Gimme mi ‘dis

Gimme mi ‘dat

Gimme back mi every’ting dat yuh teck from me.

Gimme a space I can run mi own life.

Respect is due, da time is now.

No more turn cheek.

Tis time wi na bow.

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