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Rest in peace, Jules (Canada)

Jules came to Canada in his teens, full of anticipation of a new life in a country so far away from his home in Tanzania. But within months of his arrival in Canada, he became disillusioned with his new home. The pressures to perform academically, expectations from his family, and the different lifestyle and culture accumulated in his head. He had so many dreams that seem to be always out of reach every time he turned a corner or climbed yet another hill. Jules tried so hard to make Canada his home and to find his happiness.

He met Kari in his 20s. They moved to Victoria and within a year had a beautiful daughter who they named Tambeka. She was the love of his life. But by the time Tambeka had come into his life, Jules had already fallen full victim to serious bouts of depression. Last month, Jules had an accidental drug overdose and went into cardiac arrest from which he never recovered.

He had been struggling with depression for so long and was getting so tired of this life. The week before his death, he talked about how much he wanted to live and he seemed to be finally taking steps towards addressing his underlying mental health issues. His friends and family were so broken that he was unable to succeed in this overwhelming task.

He was only 27 when he left this world, and the most kind-hearted person who brought so much joy to everyone who knew him.

He is finally at peace and no longer hurting. His family is working on sending him to his final resting place, next to his father in Tanzania.

RIP Jules!

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